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Monday, 20 August 2012



Wonderful review, Kirk! Will have to try soon!!!


Hi Liver - It was really a good meal. The Itamae really tried.....I'm just hoping they more than the California roll, Spicy Tuna Roll crowd.


Looks really good, how much was the meal?


Hi Jason - With two beers less than $50.


hope you're feeling better Kirk! and thanks for telling me what that sauce was called...nikiri!


Hope you feel better Kirk. I guess you never know about a place, I didn't have much expectations as it was so close to Old Town, ha. I think good akami is very underrated (overshadowed by the fatty toro). I hear the best is not when just caught but when let aged in the chiller a few days.


Nice! Hope you're feeling better... but with great sushi and a couple of beers, how could you not? Now I'm having a major sushi craving!!! ;)


Thanks Kat!

Hi Dennis - The thing about aging Ahi is that the flavor seems to get a bit stronger. Bluefin on the other hand seems to smooth out with a some age.

Hi Kristy - So true.....nothing a nice meal a beer can't cure!

Ed (from Yuma)

Looks good. Love the perceptive comments. Thanks for checking it out.


Hi Kirk: I'm with you. That yuppie rolls and other stuff not for me. I like all that traditional stuff that you had. Unfortunately, here is Phoenix, it is almost impossible to get any of that good stuff. Once in a while some of the ingredients will be available at a sushiya, but not where you can get your fill of a variety of good, traditional, high-quality stuff.


Ooh, I can't wait to take DH here!


Hi Ed - Yeah, very subtle, but prtty good.

Hi Alan - That's a bummer. I know there were a couple places in PHX that had good stuff when I used to travel there....years ago, but it was $$$ and the one that wasn't closed down a while back.

Hi Kirbie - It's not the standard of, say Shirahama or Kaito, but interesting on it's own. The flavoring is quite subtle and can get lost.


Great report and thanks for the mention! I'm very happy to hear they met your approval. Aside from learning about new places from you, your recommendation always changes a "might visit" to a "must visit".

Let me know when you're planning to go back!


Hey Rodzilla - It's not Akinori Sushi, but overall a nice neighborhood sushi bar which has some potential.

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