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Saturday, 25 August 2012



Glad you enjoyed the stuff from Canada! They do love their ketchup chips there!

I was at Marukai Living recently and saw some palm sugar disks in the "Hawaiian" section. The disks looked a darker brown than the ones pictured in your post though. I


cool swag! I agree that the prettier the meal the more appetizing it is :)


I got the pandan flavoring from that manufacturer, and it smells accurate. I can't say I'm dying to try the durian though. I love durian; to me it smells creamy like vanilla, but I know others find it absolutely disgusting. I'd rather not find out that it's their version of stinky durian that's been bottled.


Wang Ma Zi - I'll have to remember that brand.


Hi Kirk, those set of Wang Ma Zi looks pretty legit! I've been thinking of getting a cleaver for a while and was narrowing down to one from Dexter. A light and medium should do for my use. But anyway I enjoyed my bag of goodies from CC too.


is that the lemongrass chicken in the noodle photo? yum. looks like duck and I was thinking maybe you'd finally found hawaii quality roast duck in sd? (im still searching for that!)


Hi CC - Thanks so much for the goodies, that was so thoughtful of you. You know, I've always bought palm sugar that was a lot darker too....but these were very light. Tasted ok though.

Hi Kat - I tend to think so as well.

LOL KT! You've got a good point.....

Hi Ed - Wang Ma Zi is supposed to be one of the best least in Northern China everyone knows the brand.

Hi Dennis - The cleavers are great...especially when razor sharp.

Hi Stacy - Yes, that's lemongrass chicken. I've been disappointed in the roast duck 'round these parts. You can try Lien Hoa in Westminster....that duck was good. Thanks for commenting.....

The Food Detective

The pandan flavor is divine! I was going to make coconut pandan sticky rice for you guys on our cancelled BBQ.


Hi TFD - Well we'll have to reschedule!


Hi Kirk! Thanks for the tip on the smaller sized palm sugar. I'll have to pick some up when I go through my current batch.


Hi Carol - I hadn't bought palm sugar in so long, I don't remember seeing these before.

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