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Sunday, 19 August 2012



Thanks for sharing about how the Rose Parade "road tests" their floats. Very fascinating to see all this months before we see it on TV and before the floats are covered with flowers and such.

Funny, we were also on a road trip yesterday....


Hi Cathy, I love an egg sandwich! I actually dropped by Pasadena tonight on my way back to SD for some tacos. Was a 20min detour but worth it. The very first Trader Joe's is not too far away in South Pas which I also visit time to time.


The Rose Parade really is one of those "when I grow up I want to" things for both of us, cc! As long as we live so close, I want to take advantage...and share. It's fun to be able to do a one day road trip, isn't it? Food has to be part of every day, so add in a bit of adventure. Dennis- you were up in Pasadena, also, how fun! It is a great small town with wonderful places to go and things to see and do.


hi cathy - we were up in Hell-Lay. Had a great meal (at a mall of all places, but not at a food court)...

whenever we travel, whether it's a long vacation or just a one day thing, food is definitely part of the equation!

Ed (from Yuma)

Food is sometimes the answer to the equation. X=food.

Nice post. You've actually got me watching some of the Rose parade with pleasure.


Hah, cc! How fun that you found great food in a mall. We do all eat and virtual sharing of meals makes perfect sense.
Thanks, ed. The parade is an American tradition and really does not happen overnight...I think it is interesting to see how it happens, kind of like putting ingredients together before the actual use a broad analogy.

Laura Monteros

How amazing that you got up so early and drove so far to see the road tests! Hope you make it to the parade.

Just FYI, the high parts on the floats lower to go under the 210 Freeway overpass on Sierra Madre, just before the post-parade area. All the overhanging streetlights along the parade route are removed before the parade.

The door to the float barn at Phoenix Decorating is exactly 17' high, which is the maximum height for floats when they go under the overpass.


I thought I had commented back to you, Laura; there must have been a computer glitch. We were at the September road test also and are already signed up for a Detail Day of decorating. Thanks so much for finding our blog and taking the time to add details.

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