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Sunday, 05 August 2012


Little Miss Contrary

Mmm, malasadas! Wish I could go back to Oahu!


Man, I LOVE oxtails and oxtail soup. I guess the price reflects how expensive it must be to import enough oxtails to the island to satisfy demand.


Mmm... Want to take Chase to Hawai'i sometime... maybe next year when he's a little older? I'll have to add Leonard's to my must-try's! Also, love the legend of Ohia and Lehua! ;)


Hi LMCC - I hope you get back there soon!

Hi Jan - Well, in terms of oxtails, here were only 4 pieces in the soup. this was maybe 2/3 of the portion of what The Alley, which has the same price point serves.

Hi Kristy - You'll have to take Chase to Hawaii...I mean malasadas and shaved ice!


Those malasadas - clutch the pearls, they look awesome! (And I don't like anything else on them or in them except sugar, just like you.)


You didn't eat the rice that comes with the oxtail soup did you? $14 is deep for oxtail soup but was it worth it?


Did you actually write "clutch the pearls" James! Ha, that's a new one for me.

Hi TFD - The price is about in line with the Alley, which is more toward my taste. The portion size was on the small side too. And yes, being that I'm not on the "paleo" (wink-wink) or a similar diet I ate some ,but not all the rice.


Today, oxtails are more expensive than steak. Not even in Hawaii but elsewhere due to their growing popularity. Oxtail soup at the Cal in Las Vegas is also up to $10, and is pretty good. Not as good as my home-made or Hawaiian type of oxtail soup, but still pretty good.


Hi Alan - The complaint is not so much the price of oxtails....which have gone sky high, but the value of the version here versus The Alley.


champion malasadas fan, but this looks pretty good!


Hi Kat - For some reason I find Champion's too dense and heavy for me....but probably because I was raised on Leonard's.

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