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Monday, 27 August 2012



Hi Kirk, yes as I walked in the Mitsuwa food court that day I swear I felt a disturbance in the food blogger Force, haha. It was weird running into you right after. We definitely could use more places that serve a good Shoyu. I've actually been Tonkotsu'd out for a while now. Nice to know 777 Noodle House is doing well. I actually went several times not too long after your original post.


could go for a bowl of ramen myself, nip in the air over here (Hawaii) says "winter is coming", lol.


Hi Dennis - Yeah, we've kind of got tonkotsu overload....though not really if you count ummmm.....Chopstix and Teri Cafe....but should we really count those?

Hi Kat - You must have sent the warmth here's starting to get hot again! Hope you get a nice, comforting bowl!


After reading quite a few posts from you running into Dennis, I had my first run-in with Dennis the other night! Hehe. He's the first food blogger I've randomly run into before.


That Dennis is everywhere Kirbie! He did mentioned that he ran into you when I saw him this past week.....yes, I saw him this past week!


Hi again Kirk, I actually had another weird gut feeling when I ran into Kirbie the day too. I wish I can convert the talent to winning lotto numbers, haha.
But anyway, I don't think those ramen spots are "bad tasting" so much as they severely suffer from a chronic identity crisis.


Hey Dennis - If only, huh? Do let me know if you get that "lotto feeling"! ;o) I don't think those places are "bad", just mediocre....


"A step above MSG water..." hahahaha! That just struck me so funny, Kirk!


Hi Carol - LOL! MSG ain't soooo bad, right?


Kirk, you are lucky you can eat msg. The last time msg was in my food, my forehead swelled up about 1 inch thick, my eyes were swollen almost shut, and my arms broke out in huge bumps. Had to go to the emergency room.

Anyways, I believe that restaurants use msg as a cheap and fast way to make flavor.

Hey, I just figured out that restaurants are there to MAKE money, not to feed us healthy nutritious food! They don't care about our health, the bottom line is more important to them.


Hi Tenjobara - Man, you better keep away from most chips and stuff like that, canned sauces.....many have even more MSG, then what you'll find in restaurants. I do get some swelling when with excessive MSG and salt, but nothing serious. There are many places that care about the food they serve, you just have to find them.

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