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Wednesday, 22 August 2012



Yay for H Mart! The one in Niles (near Chicago) is huge, it's called Super H-Mart. It was like a Costco but with Korean and other Asian products. I could have spent hours in there!

It'll be nice once Zion moves to the bigger location as well...I hate parking over there!


Hi Kirk, cool looking forward to H Mart too. Imagine they're comparable to Freshia/S Mart?

Jillian Mckee


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?



Hi CC - I'm thinknig the parking at H Mart might now be worse than the upcoming Zion. That parking lot, even though huge was sometimes a pain.

Hi Dennis - Yes, sort of like Freshia - Hannam Chain, etc......


A friend had told me about a Korean market replacing Ralphs, but she didn't know the name. I assumed it was HMart, which is confirmed by the banner. That parking lot isn't too bad (tip: park in the back lot), but the traffic on Mira Mesa Blvd can be a pain.

This Chef Chin logo looks similar to the restaurant on RB Rd & Bernardo Center near I-15.


Woah, I didn't notice that Ralphs closed, and I LIVE in MM! By the way, an interesting place just opened in that mall:

We'll be checking it out later this week.


I didn't realize that Ralph's closed either. But yeah, I think parking will suck, not only competing with the In N Out folks but also it seems like there's a weird and unofficial 5 way stop right at that entrance... not really condusive to traffic flow.


I saw the Chef Chin sign the other day and wondered what was going on. I'm excited about HMart though surprised about the location.


I saw that Chins became Chef Chin for almost a month now. I thought it was because of the owners switch inside the family of the owners. Hasn't been there since it was changed, I hope it's not gonna taste that bad.
Super excited about H Mart and Zion's expansion!! Thanks for confirming.


Hi Sandy - I think much of the hassle with that parking lot are the traffic patterns.

Hi Jan - I recall a place called something like "Green Pho" did this business replace them?

Hi Jason - Yeah....but man, it'll be fun checking the place out when they open...though I'm sure it'll be a zoo.

Hi Kirbie - I haven't heard good things about the palce since the change over.....I've got to go and check it out myself.

Hi Jady - I did check with a two sources, both of which said the same thing.


Yes, the traffic patterns in this parking lot aren't the greatest; that's why I park in the back lot. Green Bowl was near Ralphs; I also wondered if this Po & Pho replaced it. Green Bowl wasn't very good, so I'm not surprised it didn't last long.


Hi Sandy - I gotta get up there and find out....


Hi Kirk! I wonder if that Chef Chin is related to the Chef Chin in RB??

Woowoo! It'll be nice to have a Korean store a bit closer to home.


Hi Carol - Could be......

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