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Friday, 10 August 2012



great nostalgic post :)


Do u know kin wah chop suey in kaneohe? His fam grew up eating there. We always have to stop there for the gaugee when visit HI


* my dads fam


Thanks was a very nice time for us!

Hi Jenn - Of course I know Kin friends live on the windward side. If I recall, I really like their almond duck!


Nice post Kirk! It's making me missing home too. Slated to be back not till Christmas of '13 (my lucky number!). Anyway thanks for sharing as always..


Nice story about Sy and the crabs!

hmmm...."to look at the city lights", eh? hawaii's version of "inspiration point".

i remember seeing those 'we accept yen' signs at the ABC stores.

@dennis - 13 is also my lucky number!


You are not kidding when you say seedy. Went there once two years ago with a buddy. We also ordered the fatfat chix. Its a nice change of pace. I love Side Street but its gotten expensive. Will be going home in November. Haven't been back in two years and curious what kind of omiyagi you picked up. Anything new besides the usual coffee and mac nuts?


Hi Dennis - 13 is a wonderful number! I'm sure there are many things you miss.

Hi CC - Yeah, he really liked the Missus.

Hi Kyle - Nowadays it's mostly Honolulu Cookie Company, Big Isle Candy, Hamakua flavored mac nuts, honey roasted mac nuts, coffee, stuff like that.....


Great post. And back in San Jose, we used to go see the "lights" too on Sierra rd. Oh, and don't sweat the Bud Light. My guilty pleasure/nostalgia beer is the Champagne of Beers.


Hi Jan - Funny you should mention "Sierra"...we have Sierra Drive in Honolulu...another nice place to check out "the sights".


My family back home has been on the hunt for Salt & Pepper wings but haven't found any yet. I'll have to ask if they have been here. Have you had the Crispy Gau Gee from Waimalu Chop Suey? Now those are huge!!!


Hey Hulacook - No S&P wings at 8Fat.....don't really recall seeing it anywhere. I hadn't had gau gee in forever.....

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