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Thursday, 12 July 2012



Kirk, you finally hit a bad day at Pho Convoy! I miss Pho Lucky. Don't find myself in Mira Mesa that often. I tried the new Pho spot opposite of A-Chau last weekend and it wasn't very memorable. Hope they improve with all the competition surrounding them.

Food detective

I agree with you. Nowadays the younger generations are into the decor, salty and tons of MSG. I prefer stronger star anise with beefy flavor broth and zero MSG.


Yeah, I never understood the "dump the whole bottle of siracha and hoisin into the bowl" thing. If you're going to do that, might as well just heat up some hot water in a pot and do the same thing at home, it'll taste the same. It seems to be popular here though, so maybe restaurants are catching on that most folks will dump so much stuff into it that the flavor of the soup doesn't really matter.


Hi Dennis - Yeah....they basically just mailed it in. I was wondering about that spot.

Hi TFD - It seems that way.......

Hi Jason - I agree, kind of sad in a way.


Say it isn't so Joe! Say it isn't so!

Last time I asked for more at Ca Dao, they pretended they didn't understand despite the lingua franca. I just gave up.


I got my coworker and his family addicted to Lucky Pho. At least once a week his wife will say "I don't feel like cooking, pick up some soup and sandwiches at Lucky Seafood."

For pho my go-to place is the one next to Golden City. The one I told you was not much different than any other place, but $1 more expensive. The parking lot is sometimes a pain during lunchtime, but it's easier than anywhere on Convoy and it's closer to my office than Mira Mesa.


That's funny Jan....well, maybe not at the time....

Hey, major congrat's MrZ, on the arrival of "Little Z", our best to the Missus as well!

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