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Tuesday, 24 July 2012



I knew Penzey's Spices was coming to SD, but I didn't know when it was open. I think I'll have to replicate your shopping trip - it looks like fun. Now when to do it ...


I think it did just open Sandy; There was a mention on the front page of Section S in the Sunday paper. It's so nice to be able to see and smell the whole catalog. If they are making tortillas when you go to Casa, mention that you have never tasted theirs; you might get a (very hot) sample (we did the first time). It's a nice drive; the 'original' San Diego main street.

ed (from Yuma)

Great post. Good to hear about Penzey's. And a tortilleria! And carnitas!! Hog heaven!!!


Great news on Penzey's, this will definitely save me shipping fees and wait time from ordering online, I love their chili peppers, vanilla, cinnamons, and paprikas. :) Excited to check it out this weekend!


I can't believe how dirt cheap those tortillas are! Great deal! Must check them out one day, along with Penzey's (which I'd never heard of before).


We just drive and the start exploring, ed. Seeing Penzey's "live" was better than I could imagine. It was another nice adventure to share, especially the lovely carnitas.
You'll really like it Lori. Looking at the website, $30 and free shipping, although I've never spent $30 at once...but if I bought everything I wanted instead of exercising restraint, $30 would have been easy to hit.
By the pound tortillas, cc! They really are the best, even the flour ones, which are not made there, are very fresh and wonderful when heated in a pan for a moment. Oh, check out Penzey's online, or Kirk's post: it's so nice for home cooking and baking. My first purchase was French Four Spice (quatre epices) that I used to make the best flavored cake and bread ever.


La Casa del Maiz is a good example of why my area (the Northeast) seriously needs some more Mexican immigrants, so I can get some glorious tortillas like those (heck, I'd be satisfied to find a place with good fresh masa).

And one of the saddest things for us moving away from Minnesota was no longer having a Penzey's in walking distance...

I love Penzey's! We went to one on our trip to Portland and I kept saying how awesome it would be if we had one in SD. Wish granted! I use the salt free version of season all and the bouquet garni. Looks like I need to restock my spices!

If you have extra flour tortillas, you can cut them into triangles, fry them up, and toss them in sugar and cinnamon. Easy bunuelos. My neighbors always did that with leftover tortilla.


I understand what you miss, Kas. When on vacation for only nine days, the first thing I want when getting back here is a real (soft shell) taco and carne asada. At least Penzeys is online.
I just used some Penzey's Bouquet Garni yesterday,NWF! Haven't tried Season All...but need to at least sniff it now. The kitchen vignette has the word "Cinnamon" on the wall- and every possible type of cinnamon is there...another reason to go back.


Hey Cathy - Thanks for the update. Just in time, I was going to need to restock on my Spanish paprika and full fat cocoa soon!


I didn't need any paprika, but sniffed the California, Hungarian and Spanish choices and wanted some of each, Kirk. The cocoa was a page I used to skip in the catalog, but not here; we spent more than an hour in the store...


Oh, I would love for fresh tortillas to be sold in London! So jealous of those corn ones!


i can't wait to go to hillcrest for penzey's--yay! also, i've passed that taco shop before, and it looks like i'll need to make it in there soon too. to casa del maiz, i have to disagree (respectfully). i bought their molcajete roja salsa and a pound of yellow corn tortillas. not impressed at all. both items had that 'corporate' flavor to them (think of guerrero tortillas and random grocery store salsa). not enough spice! neither tasted authentic. needed to do a LOT of 'doctoring' to get the salsa to taste decent. i should've known when i walked in and didn't smell that wonderful tortilleria aroma. RED FLAG. there are too many mom-and-pops in city heights where you can get excellent salsas and tortillas, so they may have a problem staying open. oh, and i also bought a bag of tortilla chips which contained a preservative (or whatever cellulose gum is). they tasted like something you'd get at von's.

one grocery store i'd recommend for great warm tortillas (and tortilla chips of many different flavors, eg. habanero chips) is foodland (on euclid or the one on 43rd in national city). for salsas, northgate gonzalez sells many good ones (a new location opened up on 54th and university).

anyway, love your blog. don't often comment, but i read it regularly. :-)


But Su-Lin, you have the Olympics and can see the events live (a running joke out here; we know the results but can't see anything on TV until 9 hours later). Each part of the world has its own advantages.
Welcome to the commenting side of our blog, caligirl. It's OK to disagree and I do hear you. The corn tortillas from La Casa del Maiz are different than the ones from the local in-store tortillerias (where I do shop); they are thinner and not as 'textured' and don't dry out and get hard if left open on the counter. I think they have a good corn flavor when warmed in a pan before eating. We got the salsa de rojo and it was too hot and needed to be doctored down to be enjoyed; along with the chips and even flour tortillas, the other items sold here make it more of a convenient one stop place. (It does smell like a regular tortilleria if you happen to be there when the men are making the tortillas in the morning. They are fastidious about cleaning up after finishing for the day.)


Sadly the tortilleria is *closed*


Thanks, Mike. We drove by the other day, but I was distracted and didn't check. There are other places to get tortillas nearby, but I liked the ones here.

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