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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Jim T

For a place that holds itself out as restaurant that uses all the odd parts of the fish (and yellowtail "bacon" is certainly in that vein), having a server refer to such cuts as "just fish" is astounding.


I've been waiting to read about your visit. Did not expect some of what happened and the little asides made this so interesting. I want to try the black cod, or whatever it's called (have been making Kirk's recipe the past few weeks) as well as the sea bass; the vegetables underneath have me curious. (Oh-steamers means clams).


Its too bad your experience wasn't better. I have been to Sea Rocket 20 or so times and I have always enjoy amy experience. There was a point before Chef Chad White took over where the food was a little shaky. Give it another try.

ed (from Yuma)

Well, Jim, like I said, I just think the server was having a bad day. I've had a bunch of those in my life too.

Jeff, Cathy, as I said, this was not a bad meal. There were some glitches; I still don't understand the sculpin issue. But nothing was badly prepared. This post reflects more on my luck and my expectations than on the Sea Rocket. I might well return - though I don't spend as much time in America's Finest City as I would like to. And I had read about a new and better chef taking over, which is why my expectations were perhaps inflated.

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