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Thursday, 19 July 2012



Great post! I never knew that they "test" drove the floats! So cool to see the floats without flowers. That breakfast burrito is pretty hefty - a pound really? Yikes!


Laws, lawsuits, you want to avoid any mishaps along the 5.5 mile parade route, especially while on live television, therefore road testing; I thought it would kind of be a different post, cc, thanks. The Breakfast Burrito is mentioned all over Y**p and we had never stopped at Lucky Boy for breakfast (as I said, Pastrami something usually)-the hash browns give it the weight. The egg sandwich was kind of huge also; at least two fluffy scrambled eggs...excellent food here always.


I miss Lucky Boy! Had an apartment only few blocks away. Can't wait to see those floats covered in flowers.


I would have loved to have something like Lucky Boy when at University, Dennis. The food and atmosphere are perfect. Theme of the 2013 parade is "Oh, the places you'll go!"


Hi Cathy! That is so cool to see the floats like that.


Thanks, Carol. The floats and Rose Parade are fascinating. So are the food choices in Pasadena...stopped at Gelson's Market because we see ads in the paper all the time...

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