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Friday, 20 July 2012



Hi Kirk, funny I had to make a run back home during lunch and thought of trying EZ after a long dry spell myself (though not nearly seven years!). I usually stick to the chicken fajita burrito there - simple, filling and just good. I ended up at Bahn Thai though since they were new to me (at the very old soltan banoo spot. The pumpkin red curry was as expected seasoned pretty sweet. Fairly predictable menu but was good enough for me to be my new 'americanized' thai spot. Now if only a Pho joint would open up walking distance...


Hey Dennis - It was great bumping into you the other day! Man, it had been so long since I'd been to EZ.

jon sullivan

Speaking only for myself, it's disappointing El Zarape hasn't updated their menu more. I have a hard time eating there now given other options in the area, even though I thought it was truly great ten years ago. If the niche is "an interesting take on Mexican", well...... let's see that.


Hi Jon - I guess for many soy/wasabi/aloha burritos would be interesting....that's not my thing. I gotta say, EZ does have their loyal's not a bad thing doing what you do well and being dependable.


I visit El Zarape occasionally since they stay open (relatively) late on weeknights and they are convenient to my house. Overall they have certainly been outclassed, but they are a step above the *bertos that make up the bulk of the late-night options.

I do have a weakness for their avocado sauce, which I would happily eat all by itself in a large bowl with a spoon.


Hi SK - Yes, I agree..... Nice to hear form you BTW, I hope all is well.

ed (from Yuma)

yeh, 7 years. wow.

Over here in Yuma we periodically have an El Zarape - always in the same building, different management. Not nearly the consistency.

But so far, nobody in town is doing soy burritos.


Hi Ed - I recalled that you posted on the place. FRankly, I'd be happy that the soy burrito hasn't caught on anywhere....

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