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Monday, 02 July 2012



Thanks for posting this. I guess I haven't been to 99 Ranch Market for awhile, or it didn't take them long to convert the video store to a restaurant. I assume you were there on a weekday? Weekends are such a zoo at the market. Oh, and I use "your" entrance, too.


I've never had a tea egg before. The eggshells look so pretty! That hot pot was ginormous! Haha, my entrance is the South, the one near the fish fountain.


We hadn't been to 99Ranch for about three weeks either, Sandy and all of a sudden the interior was being re-done (a bit more room for carts at the ends of aisles and many more open freezer cases), the Video Store was all cleaned up and it all seemed like we were at a different location; all for the better. This visit was during the week, but on weekends, we are at Sam Woo for breakfast- at or before 9 a.m.- when it is not crowded.
I'll do a post on how to make tea egg, cc. It's a new obsession and I've been comparing ours to the 'professionally made' versions. The hot pot was deceptively full-I think that is why there are lines at E & Drink; the turnover of tables is slow.

ed (from Yuma)

Great post. I was just at Ranch 99 last week and noticed some of the changes - and of course, some items are no longer where they were. The market even seems to smell better. But I hadn't noticed the new eatery. That seafood hotpot looks amazing.


I've noticed "new" as well as "missing" items in the store, ed...possibly because so much was moved around. You are right, some of the smells are gone-in a good way. The seafood hotpot was excellent.


Pig ears and seaweed, yum!!


It was really good, Carol. Probably the sesame oil. Ah, the chewy goodness!

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