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Tuesday, 03 July 2012



I went there a month or two ago..

The "Bowls" or "Small Plate" items, such as the mussels and shrimp waffle were pretty good.

Unfortunately, the "large plate" items are a disappointment, especially at the higher price. We got the sea bass and short rib and both were "meh" dishes.

I'd either stick with the small plates or just go to Cucina Urbana :)

ed (from Yuma)

Maybe, Cliff, that is the problem with the restaurant. The impression I got was that the menu has been retooled to focus more on the smaller plates. Thanks for warning us about the large plate items.


Although I haven't been here in a few years, I've enjoyed my meals here. It's a nice place to go to after a movie at the Ken (next door).


Agree - the small/smaller plates are where it's at here. The entrees just aren't that interesting. One exception: the burger, which is outstanding!

ed (from Yuma)

Yeh, cc, that is a reason to go. It's possible also that there isn't more buzz about the Grill because it has been around for so long.

I guess, James, that Tina got lucky by deciding to go the small plate route. We did it mostly because we wanted to sample a range of things.


ed, there will be a Tangent whites and seafood diner @ the wine vault on Sunday, August 05, 2012 at 5:00 if you'd like to try more of their wines. 5 Courses & 5 wines $49.40.

ed (from Yuma)

Yeh, Steve, thanks for letting me know. In fact, right after I read your comment, I looked at my email in-box and there was the announcement about the wine dinner from The Wine Vault. I hope I can make it, but I don't have firm plans yet.


ed, fyi - Kensington Grill is now gone. It's been replaced by two restaurants, Fish Public and The Haven Pizzeria. I've only tried the pizza place (verdict = liked it enough to go back twice the same week). :)

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