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Friday, 01 June 2012



and the answer to the 4th photo can be deduced with these quotes for those who are movie buffs:

"....tell Uncle if he gets a translator be sure it speaks Bocce!"

and "Uncle Owen? Aunt Beru?"

Total dead giveaway!

So, uh did you go also to "cantina" at Mos Eisley? :)

Great travel pix!


You went all the way to Tatooine to eat spaghetti and meat sauce?


I'm not a star wars fan (I've seen it, but I don't know the filming locations), but I'm very familiar with the pastry. As soon as I saw the egg spilling out of the Brik, I figured it out. I should probably be ashamed that I know more about locations based on dishes than landmarks and historical buildings/scenery.

Wandering Chopsticks

The desert and sea made me think Tunisia, then possibly Morocco, but the spaghetti makes me think Ethiopia. Or were the Italians in Tunisia too?


I dunno where you are (because I am not good with geography), but am enjoying all these beautiful photos!


the italians were in maybe there?


Kirk and all the wondeful people @ Mmm yoso,
Have ya'll thought of doing a Podcast or setting up a youtube page? Also, let me turn you onto the Fork Report on KFI. It's a foody radio talk show on Saturdays, who have up to this date ignored (as far as I am aware) the San Diego food and beer scene.


Great stuff CC!

Hi Fred - Actually it's not there!

Hi H - No you shouldn't. I'm the same way..."

Hi WC - You're doing great!

Thanks Kat!

Nice guess Lynnea. You're pretty close!

Hi RCLC - I'm not sure folks would really be that interested. Thanks for the rec....I'll check it out when I get back!


Given the tourist-less Roman ruins, I was thinking Libya.


It really looks like you're in Morocco.


Hi Greg - You got it right earlier.

Pretty close Christine!

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