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Thursday, 28 June 2012



I enjoyed your impressions on that food. The "spicy" chili paste made me think of what folks from Thailand think when they come here and order Thai food and how non-spicy it must seem to them, without realizing that they need to order it "Thai spicy".

You mentioned a lot of those dishes needed salt, when I went to Korea and HK several months ago I thought the same thing as well. But now I'm wondering if my salt palate is too bombarded by the level of salt used here. While I haven't become that guy who picks up a salt shaker the minute I sit down to eat, I've definitely become numb to the saltiness of food here in the US.


Love this post. Can't put my finger on it, but it seems almost romantic. You were visitors as well as neighborhood people who observed. The nut dessert looks fascinating. Harissa is a new obsession of mine (got it on a crepe at Horton Plaza and then had to buy a jar and using it on most everything if I'm not using Tajin or garlic chili paste).


Hi Jason - Yes, the concept of spicy ranges....though I think they're not used too seeing people just eat the stuff straight up. Funny thing about salt....this was, I think the first time where every dish was just not's usually not that way.

Hi Cathy - I'm glad you enjoyed the turned out to be a pretty hectic day, this was only half of it! We waned a bit of an adventure.......and I guess this is one type of it!


that espresso looks just like what we had in Paris!


interesting post! thanks for sharing, always enjoy these.


Hi Lynnea - Well French is the second language here.....most everyone speaks it. Ended up loving the espresso.

Thanks Kat!

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