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Tuesday, 19 June 2012



great selection!


Uni and olive oil together is so good. Looking forward to checking out the Morena farmers market the next go.


Yes, pretty good Kat!

Hi Dennis - I'd like a better variety of produce, but it looks like a good start. Uni with a nice olive oil is quite tasty.


Eggs and Uni?? Sounds interesting! What vendor did you get the uni from? I'm starting to really enjoy live uni - I guess it was only a matter of time :)

Hangzhou Hero

Petting your uni? Whoa Kirk, there are children reading...


Uni and eggs?! That combo looks amazing. No one here in NYC sells live uni (we only get the packaged one in trays) ^_^


It would have been funny if you wrapped some seaweed around those uni eggs and did a play on uni nigiri. Although that might be a clash of east meets west flavor combination. We share your love of uni+eggs, we get the big bag of vana uni from Catalina OP and use that when we want an indulgent breakfast egg scramble. Mmmmmm...


Hi Faye - It's kind of sad...getting old, can't remember the vendor, but every farmer's market has one now it seems. A classic French dish is sea urchin, scrambled eggs, and caviar....really good stuff.

I guess I should have made sure to rate this as PG-14 HH!

Hi Kathy - Uni and eggs just seem to go together well! You'll need to get down here...some of the best uni in the world comes from San Diego.

Hi Jason - Man, I shoulda thought of that! For some reason eggs and uni just go together so well.


I should point out that technically, those aren't the eggs of the sea urchin...

And I should say that I'm a bit of a traditionalist.
Nothing beats Uni on a bed of rice for me with some shredded nori and maybe some cucumber.


Hi Peter - Thanks for taking the time out to comment....though I have to ask, where did I say that that was the eggs of the sea urchin?

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