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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Food detective

Find me a thick molokhia stem and I'll plant it for you.
Were the lychee sweet?


hi Kirk, just bought several cans of ketchup flavored Pringles during our Canada trip. Yes, Ketchup, a very popular flavor here. Also bought Spicy Ketchup (Ruffles Brand) and Old Dutch "baked" ketchup chips (they look like the Fresh and Easy or Lays baked potato chips).


Nice collection of stuff Kirk! Curious about the dried aubergine. Let me know what you end up using it for.
There was a huge Molokhia boom in Japan several years ago for health (and weight loss I think). But anyway, you see it everywhere in Japan now.


great post! I couldn't comment on your Istanbul post for some reason but am glad you went again!


Ped Ma here again...

Molokia was in an issue of Gochiso...see link:

Ped ma


Matthew and I just picked up lots of Indian Snacks at mira mar cash and carry. they have a really big selection of snacks which are impossible to resist =)


And I also totally loved that Nijiya had fresh Chanterelles. Let's hope they have them again! =)


Hi TFD - I'll do that. The Missus thought the lychee was decent, better than what else has been available.

Hi CC - We used to buy that back in Hawaii!

Thanks interesting Dennis. I'm wondering if I can find the dry stuff.

Thanks Kat!

Thanks for the link PedMa.

Sounds great Lynnea.....I'm hoping they have fresh chanterelles again too.


Eeee, lychee at Costco! And they do look way better than what I've been seeing at the Asian markets. I'll need to make a trip this weekend to look for it. I love lychee.


Hi Krbie - We got these at the Mission Valley Costco, just in case you were wondering.


Although not an impulse buy, the effects on me are similar. My wife's coworker gave her a nice big bag of calamansi. Hmmm....ribs?


Sounds great Jan! Filipino BBQ also sounds good.....

ed (from Yuma)

I love the miscellaneous posts. But the picture of the sunset has to be the most beautiful moment of your Rhoad trip.


I dunno Ed.......we had some pretty neat moments on Rhodes.

Wandering Chopsticks

Wahib's in Alhambra has an Egyptian stew called molokyia that's served on Saturdays. It looks a lot like the one in your picture. I haven't tried it yet though.

Those lychees look way better than the slightly browned ones I've seen at the Asian grocery stores.

That sunset looks surreal!


That sounds like the dish WC! Hope you have a chance to try it. We were surpised to find lychee, and even more surprised how good they were.

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