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Wednesday, 27 June 2012



I'd heard (from here, most likely) that the old Ba Ren location was being taken over, and I've been waiting to hear about an opening. Shame that you are hearing negative things so far.


Hi Kirk, do you know if Kazumi is open for lunch? Seems lots of changes fort the summer..


Hi Mike - Eventually we'll have to go and check the place out for ourselves......I hope it's better than what I hear.

Hi Dennis - Not sure....I'll let you know when I find out. Kazumi is getting up there in age, so I'm thinking maybe not.


What? Morning Glory is gone? Where am I gonna get my cute Korean pens and stationary now? :)

I miss Sushi Bar Kazumi in Hillcrest. Good to know it's open again in a new location (Moby Dick, eh?)


More noodles/sushiin the convoy area? Count me in!

To Caninecologne, there's a cutesie Hello Kitty packed store in the China Max shopping center, it's next to the chinese bank. I forget the name, but it's got the requisite cartoony stuffed animals, stationary, and pens for a store of this genre.


Hi CC - I think Jason's got you covered in his comment below.

Thanks Jason! And yes, there seems to be quite a bit of activity in the area these days.


Jason - thank you! it's for my uh, daughter, yeah, that's the ticket!


Wow, I had no idea about any of these places! I'm excited to try some out. The one place I noticed in the Convoy/Clairemont area was a new "E & Drink" spot inside Ranch (Also did you notice they redid the layout of Ranch? It reminds me of the one in Rowland Heights now.) I looked at the menu, it appears to be individual hot pots, but haven't had a chance to try it yet.


more places for you to checkout...why are you buying sandwiches from best donut?! aren't they noted for donuts?!;)


Hi CC - We all know it's for your daughter, right???? ;o)

Hi Kirbie - You know.....I knew they were renovating, but I haven't been there since we got back from our trip....I'll fix that this weekend! Thanks for the rmeinder!

Hi Kat - They actually make decent sandwiches.... I keep forgetting I've never posted on the place.

Hannah J

Hey Kirk! Right down the road from my place... let's eat all together soon!


Hi Hannah - Yes, we will! I haven't gorgotten.


Hey Kirk! One of my friends stopped by China Max a couple of weeks ago, totally forgot it had changed owners. She said she'll never go back. I guess enough said. :-(


Hi Carol - I'm thinking you mean Chilli Max, not China Max, right? I don't think China Max has changed owners recently.

Emily Chung

I went to Red Moon but it wasn't really my type of restaurant. The food was decent for the price, and the menu was really small. I didn't think it was that special. It seems to be a mix of Chinese and Japanese, and the owners were really nice! They gave us free cream cheese wontons (I'm not a big fan of cream cheese wontons but they were free!).


Hi Emily - Thanks for the report! I've heard about the same thing.....

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