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Wednesday, 06 June 2012



Very nice post Cathy! Everything you ordered looks fantastic especially the carne asada salad (yay, no beans) and that fried fish. Yes, the chef really did do a nice job with the presentation.Makes me want to order more whole fish (fried or grilled) at these places.


The fish looks great. I wonder why you see so many recycled Taco Bells around. I can think of at least 3 local (East Bay) places (2 Mexican and 1 Hunanese) in former Taco Bells. Are they the only fast food restaurants that ever go out of business - or are the defunct KFCs, Burger Kings, etc too architecturally generic to be recognizable?


Thanks, cc. The salad is very large (to me) and I do add one or two of the salsas to the salad after eating half of it 'as is', to change up the flavors. I started to ask for whole fish at first to see different ethnic preparations (Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican)(and I like the flavors) and recently because I've been reading about 'substitutions' of the more expensive filets being made-I want to know which fish I'm paying for.

Hi, Lunchburb, the fish is always good here. The older buildings were built when most Cities did not have 'planning commissions' that regulated architectural appearances of business and house structures. I remember the 'funny looking' McDonald's in Ann Arbor in the middle of other brick buildings. It seemed so wrong, but was just the beginning. There is an old McD's -most recently it was a small grocer with a small eat in area and an old Burger King that was a Used Car lot. Those buildings are larger and with parking lots and Taco Bells had a smaller footprint and on a smaller piece of land, so new owners have different business plans, keeping the TBs as restaurants.


Nice, I've always been curious about this place on my visits to La Playita (which probably prevented you from making this part of your rotation.) :)


You got me, JF. When the eight chairs and six bar stools at La Playita are filled and the line is out the door, I start looking for quick food. The lines at La Playita can be long also, and I've seen people walking in to pick up orders there. The Liquor Store makes pretty good sandwiches, BTW.


Great post! Is this the taco shop by La Playita?? I thought I recognized it but wasn't sure. But now I'm definitely going to go - the less carb dishes look great. Do they have any other fried fish? Your version looked like it had alot of bones? Have you been to Lucha Libre - I'm not a fan of their food but they have this one creamy verde garlic salsa dressing that I've been trying to find elsewhere - wondering if they have something similar here?


Yes, this is the place, Faye. This location does not have a choice of the type of fish. Some other restaurants I've posted on, do (Rocky Port and Negro Durazo). Tilapia have a 'double skeleton' and so there are more bones which can be tricky, but (as you can see) I'm getting pretty good at cleaning up the edible parts. I haven't been to Lucha Libre-yet.


The ground beef taco looks huge!


All the portions here are quite large, Carol. A nice, fresh complete meal on real plates at a Taco shop...can't beat it.

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