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Thursday, 21 June 2012



hi cathy
great post! yes, i like the selection of different food items there (fresh made and already prepared). i like their iced coffees...

hey, at least you didn't get busted for taking photos in there like i did!


Hi cc, thanks. The food here is always so darn fresh and good; K is our default fast food meal place. After I saw your post about the Photo Nazi, I took it as a challenge to get another post.


Yay! You evaded the photo Nazi! I've never had problems in the past doing that...but I try to be discreet.


I was unaware of the photo Nazi, but I took mine home before getting a pic anyway. Hard to beat this place for the price, though I do wish they would fill the sandwiches a bit more.


I just pretend to be looking at messages on my iPhone, cc, that gets me out of some situations. I could see businesses upset about possible derogatory comments from a bad write up, but that wouldn't be the case at K. That place is hopping even after 8 p.m.
I've noticed some places a bit more aware of people taking photos of their food and either welcoming it or not wanting it -no middle ground-, Rod. The fresh, flaky, crisp crusted breads make up for lack of filler for me, although the croissants, which cost about $1 more, are more substantial with filler than the banh mi.

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