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Sunday, 03 June 2012



hi cathy - thanks for the 'preview'! i have a coupon for this place and haven't gone yet but will make sure to do so soon!


You'll like it, cc. I understand it can get quite busy; we were there before noon on a Thursday and there were 5 or 6 tables with people. The food was really good.


If I were to think Caprese I would do a Oaxaca cheese it is similar to mozz (even better IMHO):)))


The menu said it was Cotija cheese, Grey, but the texture did make me think it was Oaxaca. It was definitely a salty Mexican cheese and not Mozzarella...and did go well with the other flavors on the plate.


Interesting place to find a meal! I like how they took some basic dishes and added their own twist.


If I had had some sort of alcoholic beverage to accompany the meal, the beer in the deviled egg might have made more sense, Alyssa. The photos of the interior help you to draw the conclusion.I have seen many comments about how KnB is a great source for adult beverages.

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