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Monday, 25 June 2012



Oh hey Mr. Wasabi finally went out of business?

Also it looks like Tabe BBQ is taking over the old Suzuya spot. Personally I would rather have Suzuya, but I guess that's the way it goes.


Aw, that's too bad you weren't as much of a fan of the sliders and sauce. Hmm, yours seem even smaller than mine were. Lol. The guys running this place do seem really nice and friendly, I think they just need to work out kinks though with the menu and the operation. I'll be curious about your post on jiggle. I've had several people tell me about it but never made it there yet.


Hi MrZ - Yeah....all the trucks that did well are moving to brick and mortar.

Hi Kirbie - I thought the bulgogi was quite good, not a fan of the bread and aioli though. I would have it again. It did seem kinda small in comparison with the fries. The guys that served me were really friendly and nice.


wow that chicken was expensive!


It sure was Kat!

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