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Saturday, 02 June 2012



wow, that Mangoneada looks amazing! i like the "straw" too!

i learned something new. i never knew the tamarind candy in the Chamango was called 'chaca chaca'. i'll be sure to look for it next time i seek Mexican candies... :)


Hi, cc! The only difference is orange juice mixed with the mango in the Mangoneada-and the excess of tamarind that I can get from that straw. Thanks for showing me this wonderful treat and flavor combination that I never would have tried on my own. The link I put to Chaca Chaca was a sarcastic one, but the candy can be found in most Mexican Markets.

ed (from Yuma)

Looks and sounds interesting. I need to explore the fruiterias out here.


hi cathy - both you and carol are HOOKED on these Chamango drinks! the trick to making your drive down south worthwhile is to buy two - drink one and freeze the other! i noticed the sarcastic link (yikes, lead? i remember when that was in the news but didn't know it was that kind of candy)....


Fruiterias are so much more interesting than Jamba Juice-type places, ed. I want to call the stores old fashioned for some reason. I bet you'll like it.

Look at the first photo, cc. The Chile Spiced Mango from Trader Joe's-$1.99 for 8 ounces. (Chile mango in the bulk bin at Sprouts is $5.99/lb). I have one slice of the TJ mango every day, just to satisfy the craving. But to freeze and then have to scrape a bite from a Chamango each day...oh that sounds so good. The Chaca Chaca they sell now is safe.

In my opinion, the chamango at Teresita's is the best. Don't get the chamango at Neveria Tocumbo. What you'll end up receiving is chamoy slushie and some cut mango on top. VERY disappointing. Get the Mangoneada instead there. That place makes a mean one. I'm glad you blogged about the one in Mission Valley! I've been looking for a chamango closer to home!


Teresita's does have the chamango version I like the most. Thanks for the recommendations, NWF. I tend to patronize Fruiterias in East County, but Mission Gorge Road does go from Mission Valley to Santee, so the drive is easy for me.


Bobalicious in Mira Mesa next to Babies R Us serves chamango, also. It was where I had my first taste of it & I love it! They use the coated straws, also. I always take an extra straw because I like to let the Chaca Chaca, as you call it, melt into the rest of the drink. I'm having one right now as I type this!


Isn't it just a perfect sweet-salty combination, Jane? So good even in the 'winter' of San Diego. Welcome to the comment side of our blog and thanks for the tip- I now need to stop at Bobalicious!

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