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Tuesday, 22 May 2012



not constantinople


dunno, but I can imagine that your schedule is jam packed and you are having a blast! can't wait to hear/see all about it :)


wherever you are, can't wait to read your travel posts! i'm so curious about that last photo too! have a great time!


I've been wondering where you are ever since your life lesson tweets. Hehee. Hope you're having fun!


Hi Kirk,

Just say hello to you. Waiting for more pictures. I will show you some fantastic stuff when you are back. Say hello to The Missus, too. :)



This is tough! hmm somewhere in Asia?


Hi it - it could be....

Hi Kat - it has been a pretty hectic schedule.

Hi CC - That was an excellent dish.

Hey Kirbie - It's amazing what you learn when you travel

Hi Yuerong! So nice to hear from you. We are having a great time..

Hey Paulina - You're partially right!


gobble gobble gobble




After visited there just one day before the date of your post, I could tell it's Istanbul right away from the first photo. The second one confirms that as well. =)


Hi Jess - I hope you had a great time. We found some nice places to eat on this trip.


I very much enjoyed the trip! Because we were only there for 12 hours or so, Grand Bazaar was skipped and we grabbed lunch at Mozaik, one of the restaurants you covered in a previous post. Fantastic food! Their lamb+beef meatballs (cizbiz kofte) were out-of-this-world flavorful, juicy, and tender. The manti dumpling dish was wonderful as well. So glad I read your post prior to the journey. =)


Hi Jess - I'm glad you enjoyed the food at Mozaik! We've found even better stuff this time around, but you need to get out of the Old Town area.


Hi Kirk, yeah, we managed to walk around the new Istanbul area from Tunel to Taksim Square and the food looked amazing there, especially the doner kebab. Too bad we were stuffed from lunch...


OK, so I'm pretty sure I've been through each Turkey post and haven't made any connections with the third photo. I'd love to know more about it.


Hi Whammy - That's a dried eggplant (Kuru Patlican) dish from Ciya Sofrasi:

Strange thing is, it looks a bit different in my post. I take mulriple shots and don't like to use the same shot twice, so for some reason this looks a bit different.

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