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Friday, 25 May 2012



spain? mexico?


Since in your 1st where the heck are we post are we you seemed to be in Istanbul, I guess that in this post or :
- you headed west of turkey and are travelling through bulgaria, roumania etc
- you headed east and are travelling throuhgh georgia and azerbaidjan (assuming you are not travelling south east through syria etc...)!
Enjoy your holidays! Maya


Hi Kirk, I think I know only cause of Sitemeter, haha. Hope you have a safe trip an enjoying your new iPad! Cheers


lol, okay one more guess..macao :)


Hi Kat - Great guesses, but nope.

Hi Maya - Great start, but then the wrong direction.

Hi Dennis - We're having a great time.


Hi Kirk,I think the cuisine of the Maghreb region is famous for brique and merguez ... so I guess the trip went from Istanbul to Tunis? Have a beautiful time :-)

Wandering Chopsticks

The first part, I thought looked like Istanbul, but weren't you just there somewhat recently? This top photo though, I would have guessed South America. Can't wait to find out where you went!

Wandering Chopsticks

OK, blew up the top picture and I see double crosses and what looks like orthodox Christian or Catholic murals, so now my guess is somewhere in the former Yugoslavia, possibly Serbia or Croatia?


Thanks Michaela!

Not bad guesses WC!

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