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Sunday, 27 May 2012



Hi, haven't been reading your blog for months so I spent a good afternoon and evening catching up. Love your travel posts and surprised at how much I missed. Of course enjoy your food posts especially anything Asian. Was sad to read about Nate's passing. I didn't know him personally but enjoyed reading his blog and postings on Okinawan food since I was born there. I still have more catching up to do. Tks for sharing!


Hi Susan. I think you were writing more to Kirk than to me, but know that I'm glad you had time to catch up. Nate was a good guy and will be missed.


Hi Cathy, wow I can't believe it's that time of year again. Time flies! The falafel burger sounds great.


Artichoke sandwich! Is there a photo of this amazing sounding sandwich?


Yes, judging for Preserved Foods was last week, Dennis. Cirque du Soleil is in the Fair parking lot, right at the entrance (look at last photo, the blue and yellow tent) so summer is almost here!

I can't find any photos of the artichoke sandwich, but did find one photo of the falafel sandwich, Su-Lin. It's about 1/3 the way down this post Under the photos of the chicken patties on a jelly donut, there is a photo of the booth and two photos of skewer of batter fried mushroom and artichoke and just under, to the left, a small photo. Click on it and you can see the falafel sandwich. I can't find any artichoke sandwich photos...but will be sure to have one in the 2012 Fair post.

ed (from Yuma)

Great post. The healthy stuff still makes good pics -- well and that cream puff!!

I also appreciated your closing words. Yuma has long been closely connected with America's armed forces - most people don't realize that Patton trained much of the army that invaded North Africa in WWII out here in our desert. Memorial Day is especially meaningful to Yuma because many young people have passed through here on their way to serving our country overseas. And sadly, some never returned.


hi cathy - great post on the fair...hopefully we will go this year and try your recommendations. i want to try that artichoke sandwich and that cream puff!


Thanks, ed; I think the overcast days at the coast helped the photos, but think the point about the vendors having good food choices got across. Small towns played a big role in training our boys for that war; Dad trained in Ames, Iowa before going to sea.

Thanks, cc. I try not to recommend and just post observations, but every year, one of the sandwiches and a cream puff are automatic purchases.


Whoa, I missed the "2011" in the title and thought I was losing my mind that the fair had already started. hehe


Everyone seems to do similar County Fair blog posts, so I thought I'd do my Fair posts a bit differently this year, Carol. But in any case, it will open in less than two weeks!

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