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Wednesday, 09 May 2012



Certified Angus huh? Do they have grass-fed burger or hot dog? They serve those at Long Meadow in Napa.


too bad about that place.


Man, I *finally* got the burger thing down at home. I used to go crazy with seasoning the meat itself and really working the patties. The inner seasoning really dried things out and the overhandling made it too tight. So light assembly, decent seasoning on the outside, and a nice hot cast iron skillet, look out in-n-out. ;)


I did a double take when I saw the title of this post and was wondering if maybe it was Cathy posting instead. Haha. My favorite part is definitely those fries. As for the burger, I think it is something that needs a lot of toppings and the patty isn't special enough on its own. The one I like the best is the San Diego Smash with avocados and cilantro mayo. It's also served on a torta roll which I really like. I've tried the other burgers but haven't liked them as much. If you like milkshakes, they are pretty good here too. Usually when FH and I come now, our order is fries, San Diego smash and milkshake. Believe it or not FH and I actually did stop going to the sneak peek dinners. I think we missed the last 3? It seems like a new one is still opening every month but we've gotten a little burgered out.


After going there many times for burgers at the sneakpeak or not, I have to say the patty is definitely not one of the best out there. I agree that it's not juicy at all, and at times hard, dry, and overseasoned. However, the San Diego burger saves it and it's difficult to find another fast food joint with one burger that can beat its amazing flavor+texture combination.


Hi TFD - There are places that have that here in San Diego.

Hi Kat - I know, it's pretty close to work too!

Hi Jan - I do about the same thing. Heavily season the outside of the burger, treating it like a steak.

Hi Kirbie - I do like those fries...I like shakes, but they don't like me...lactose intolerance and all that! San Diego sure has reached critical mass with all those burger places......

Hi Jess - I guess I expected a bit more...loved the bun, thoguh I prefer not having too much stuff on my burger.


Mmmm, buttery roll and burger cooked in butter, and the garlic fries look delicious. but the return trip dog and fried onions certainly aren't very drool worthy...


Smashburger has inspired many arguments in our house. Something is keeping me from liking this place, and I can't figure out what. Once the location at College/El Cajon Blvd. opens later this year, I might be able to go more often and figure it out.

I'm not a huge fan of Smashburger. We had one open across the street from us in PQ and it's...alright. Don't ever get the chicken burger. It's pounded to death and then cooked to dryness. Half the time I've gotten fries, they were so darn oily. I also always feel ripped off whenever I eat there. You get a burger, a small pile of fries and a drink and it's usually going to set you back around $10. I definitely prefer Burger Lounge over Smashburger.

Have you done a burger showdown yet with the popular burger places in SD? I'm talking about Hodad's, Rocky's, Tioli's, etc. Then again, you would need a quadruple bypass afterwards.


Hi FH - It was the fries that did the best for me......

Hi James - Well, maybe you'll find that you really love the place....or maybe not! ;o)

Hi NWF - For some reason I didn't find anything particularly great, except maybe the fries. They sure do a heck of a lot of marketing and media stuff, though. We used to do burger week, so you might wanna check out those posts with Hodad's, Rocky's, and stuff like that.....

We stopped this year, because there just seems to be a saturation of burger places now.

Hot dog rollers

As for the burger, I think it is something that needs a lot of toppings and the patty isn't special enough on its own. The one I like the best is the San Diego Smash with avocados and cilantro mayo.

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