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Wednesday, 30 May 2012



Wow, talk about a mixed bag. It seems like you need to figure out their fish delivery schedule and then only go when they get a fresh delivery, cuz it seemed like that middle visit you got them at their best. Some of those items from the other visits looked downright dreadful, clearly at the end of their edible lifespan.

Hao Ye

Wow, chili oil? I'm not sure I would ever go back to a place that tried something like that. That just completely violates what I would consider to be the ethics of good restauranting.


Tilapia sashimi? I saw on 20/20 awhile back that restaurants were trying to pass off tilapia as red snapper. How's the taste of tilapia?

ed (from Yuma)

A really mixed bag, Jason, but there isn't much actual competition here. Some folks tell me that the sushi at the huge new supermarket out in Foothills is the best they've found. I gotta try that, clearly.

Yeh, Hao Ye, I'd never seen chile oil before. I'm sure there are some spicy rolls with it, but I don't usually order that kind of stuff.

Actually, Faye, it is called whitefish at Ninja -- but tilapia is the default "whitefish" at sushi bars these days, I think. It lacks the flavor of real tai (red snapper) or hirame, but it is firm and bland and if fresh is not a bad thing.


What a huge difference from each visit. I especially enjoyed your "On a positive note, I didn’t get sick." comment. Way to find the bright side of a bad meal, Ed!


Dang it! Off the bat I thought we would *finally* get a bad post from Yuma, but it got better, then bad again. As a reader it left me with the opposite experience as Ed as an eater, but probably ending up with the same "meh" result.

Probably getting too hot for taco trucks now eh?

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks Carol. After the fish, I did have concerns about my health. And Jan, it was a roller-coaster experience. If something is truly terrible, I don't usually write it up because I won't visit enough to have material. You are right that it has been a while since I've been trucking - except for Jersey's burger truck.

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