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Sunday, 20 May 2012



Wow two nights in a row? That's got to be the best back-to-back dinner ever!


All in the name of research?

I've been to Shirahama (it's been a couple of years), but I haven't been to Kaito. Nice comparison of the two, and it would have been fun to add Sushi Ota to compare.

On the hirame at Kaito: I had a similar dish at another sushi restaurant. The chef said the lime colored stuff was yuzu, and he showed me the jar. To me, it was a puckering sour-hot, rather than spicy-hot, which makes sense since yuzu is like a grapefruit.

ed (from Yuma)

Yes, paulina, I was spoiling myself.

You might be right, Sandy, though I do remember a spicy note. Perhaps wasabi under the hirame? And I do need to go to Ota again. It has been years, and back then I wasn't having omakase.

Gypsy Jan

What a terrific way to indulge yourself!

I will always pick omakase meals at good restaurants over a stay at a four/five star luxury hotel.

Based on your recent experience, is there a clear favorite or are they tied?

Gypsy Jan


Wonderful post Ed. That does look like yuzu kosho on the hirame.....


great reports! I still need to make it to Shirahama, but after my stellar Katio experience it's hard to want to go anywhere else.

ed (from Yuma)

Gypsy Jan, they are both stellar in my book, but it depends on my mood. In the past, I would go to Sakura if I wanted more than just sushi or sashimi or Yaro (or one of Sammy's previous spots) if I wanted to watch sports on TV or enjoy a party atmosphere.

You should give Shirahama a try; it is a different experience, RodZ. Oddly, I've always felt that I have missed the ultimate Kaito experience. It's always very good, but my timing of visits is based on my schedule so I feel that I have missed some things that other folks rave about. On the other hand, I was really nervous about Shirahama the first time, but my experiences there have been better than I anticipated. However, I suspect that Shirahama may have a more limited range of items and preparations ultimately.

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