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Tuesday, 08 May 2012


Wandering Chopsticks

Look at nearly millennium-old ruins outside my hotel window sounds pretty good to me! You should have taken pictures of the flying carpet, or video with the sound. What a trip. :)


sounds like a wonderful trip!


Looks like a great place to stay and eat. I love how vibrant the veggies look over there, tomatoes seem redder, cucumbers seem greener. It's like the stuff you can only find at farmers markets or CSA boxes here.


What are those crepe looking things in the last photo? Looks amazing! What does it taste like?


Hi WC - Yeah, we should have....but I guess we were both taken so off guard. It was really funny.

Hi Kat - It was.

Hi Jason - Everything is served in season, the tomatoes are always ripe.....the way it should be.

Hi Faye - You mean the boregi? It's sort of like an eggroll made with filo dough. We had a version in Goreme/Cappadocia that was really good.


Very cool place to stay! Love the photos of the chefs and the tabby cat saying 'Good morning!' :)


Hi Kristy - That cat was so well behaved. Just kinda waited there until I gave her a handout.

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