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Monday, 09 April 2012



Disappointing...did they have a help wanted sign up?

Wow. Even just looking at the banh beo you could tell it wasn't made correctly. They should focus on making a few dishes well instead of trying to make a bunch of dishes badly. Have you had the banh beo at Mien Trung? They got the rice cake part right, but I'm not a fan of the shrimp on top. It's obvious they use dried shrimp put through the food processor instead of fresh shrimp. It ends up with a funky shrimp shell flavor.


I was surprised that they didn't serve Bahn Mi with a name like that. Ditto on the dry rice with my grilled chicken plate. I enjoyed the Canh soup that it came with though, very herby. I hope they get better too.


Not that I noticed Pauline! I'll look a bit more carefully.

Hi NWF - Yes, it looked pretty bad. I've had the Banh Beo at Mien Trung and just about every place in San Diego. Actually, the Banh Bot Loc at Mien Trung is pretty good.

Hi Dennis - Man, that rice was bad. Yeah, I hope that these experiences were opening jitters.....


Aww that's too bad. I tried going a few weeks ago at night but they were closed. I think I'll avoid this place for now and hope it gets better.


What was in the bakery section? Anything worth going for? It's pretty difficult to open a new Pho place in Convoy - with so many Vietnamese places to choose from - if you open a place, it better be good! I like how you give a place a 2nd chance :)


Hi Kirbie - You should give it a shot, you might like it more than me.

Hi Faye - Some snacks and che mostly....didn't pay much attention since I reallly don't have a sweet tooth.


I poked my head in this place the other day, but didn't feel like Pho. I'm kinda glad now. But I agree with Faye, considering Pho is probably the dominant asian food in all of San Diego (feel free to dispute me on this assertion), you at least need to be okay to make it. Plus the asian bakery trend is heating up in the Convoy area too, with some pretty decent places nearby. So they picked two product areas where there's a lot of competition.


Hi Jason - I'm pretty sure that many places that would not serve Pho under normal circumstances feel economically requried to do so. And really, they shouldn't.....though I'm not sure about this place since I haven't had the Pho yet.


I wish there were more Bahn Cuon options in San Diego. Song Huong is my go to place, but it is really inconsistent. And the guy there always asks my if I speak Vietnamese (i.e., why are you here?). I always answer, "Well, I live in Mira Mesa". :)


Why am I here??? That's a question I've been asking myself too many times recently Jan! I hope all is well.


Funny how a simple question regarding language knowledge can have such deep philosophical significance.

Got some Pho weather on the radar. All is well indeed! ;)


I tried this place for the first time yesterday...all I can say is I feel bad for them and I hope they do well. I had to start a Yelp Business for this place so I can upload pictures of the food I ordered there.


Yes, it is funny.....

Hi Michelle - I hope they do well, though they don't seem to have their act together.


The sticky rice they make with flavor was so bad by the lady with pregnant told me a lie about sticky rice was really good. When i tried it,look like i took a steam rice or something, it did not sweet and it took weird. One more thing i'd ordered Che Ba Mau which had a worm in side. This restaurant is so dirty.


Hi Ethan - That's too bad....kind of sad overall.


Just embarrassing. I know one of the waiters and he tries so hard, but there is a very big lack of good management. And there was no one to train any of the waiters, his boss just threw him out there and expected him to know what to do.

I've eaten there a few times, getting the grilled chicken each time (forgot the name on the menu) and at first it was very good, but there food is very inconsistent. The guy in charge goes through so many different cooks. The last time I got it it was very fatty and had a lack of flavor. The texture was awful.
I don't know if it's because I'm only and English speaker, but it's really hard to understand the accents of the female waiters, and they don't seem to understand what you're saying half the time.


Hi td - I think it goes back to a lack of experience overall....just kind of sad.

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