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Saturday, 21 April 2012



That guy sounds like a jerk i have experienced this before people who just do not belong in hospitality ..maybe they should try a job in customs or airport security instead or maybe even the DMV


what a jerk, I'm glad you still had a nice time in Lanai.


LOL Grey! I'm not sure why folks need to act that way.

Hi Kat - It was actually kind of sad and pitiful in the end.


What a d-bag. I'd probably would have given him the New York shaka as I walked out, hehe.

I always seem a bit calmer after reading (and viewing the pics) from your Hawaii trips.


My nephew just showed me the constellation app on his phone; I was as intrigued as your wife! I had a waiter once that refused to change out a glass of water; I asked quietly and very nicely if he would take the glass and bring me another. He refused, so I finally had to say in a very loud and clear voice “COULD YOU BRING ME A GLASS OF WATER WITHOUT A DEAD BUG IN IT!” It was a very nice restaurant, and all of a sudden everyone within ear shot was checking their glass of water for dead bugs. That’ll teach them to be rude to customers.


Hi Carol - You know, that dude has some issues. After doing a bit more research, I found that this is hiw M.O. Sad.....

Hi AZ - She was really enjoying that app....until She got tirewd of looking up all the time! ;o)


"whether the dude suffered from severe bowel obstructions"

Pure genius! Thanks for all the wonderful reports over the years!


Hi Scott - Man, it's great hearing from you! I hope all is well, That dude was such a jerk.....I can never figure out what makes people like that.


Sounds like they have a shortage of workers there (or he has the goods on the manager). Man, the guy has a job in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I'm sure there are thousands of hosts/servers who would step up in a heartbeat.


Hi Jan - Sadly, after reading some other stuff posted, I think he is the owner.


How did i miss this post?!

What a gorgeous place to stay! Too bad about the douchey guy though. He shouldn't be working with people at all.

Must be nice to be able to enjoy clear skies at night!


Hi CC - Lana'i is a nice relaxing stop for a couple of days. I hadn't been there in so long that I had forgot.....

Hannah J

SO PRETTY!!! I would love love love to visit that orchid house... Thanks for sharing.


Hi Hannah - It really is quite beautiful!

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