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Saturday, 14 April 2012



so was the car "stick"? love your posts on your travels.


Hi Kat - Yes it was...though it proved to be no problem.


Hi kirk on the buffet I was wondering if that red condiment served with the rusk is tomato or red peppers? Is the darker stuff a tapenade? thanks I'd really like to try some of that olive oil -sometimes you have to wonder if the stuff you buy is legit but I bet there it is the good stuff.


Hi Grey - It's tomatoes, which are a traditional condiment. The green condiment was olive based like a tapenade. The olive oil was fabulous...there are places you can get pretty good olive oil. I'll cover some of that in an upcoming post.


not seen this rusk before, so researching it it seems that it is made from barley or chickpea based flour.... I was wondering what your perception was? I do this a lot with wheat bread and call it croustades but wondering what is the flavor- was a whole grain barley flavor evident? thanks Kirk your posts are really helpful and interesting I look forward to more of this.


Hi Grey - The ones we had in Crete, they call "dakos" was of the barley variety. It was really tasty, but I didn't care for the rough and hard texture. The Missus, on the other hand could not get enough of the stuff....She was literally looking for it everywhere. That and raki.......


Ha..thanks. i was so interested I hunted down an authentic recipe and made this from scratch and have to agree the texture /flavor is kind of "rough" not like refined wheat flour I'm used to although it's got a "healthy" Earthy flavor to it so I don't blame the Missus for liking it. Just odd...that barley is not something I would associate with Greece prior to this.


Hi Grey - You actually went ahead and made the stuff! Wow, you were really motivated!

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