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Sunday, 25 March 2012



Hi Kirk, the weather today made me wish I owned a snuggie. I'm curious what the Sakura folks have planned more for the new place. My friends and I enjoy most the current basic meat sauce pasta. The Uni seems more polarized but I happen to like it. The more expensive seafood versions I wasn't too impressed with the execution. Hopefully they'll have enough good dishes there to make it a go.

The pizza looks mighty tasty! I wonder how it compares to Blue Ribbon up in Encinitas? We went to Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix and it was out of this world. Most definitely get their caprese with your order. Apizza Scholls in Portland also was really amazing. Haven't found anything like those two in San Diego yet.


Hi Dennis - It'll be interesting to see what evolves with the new place.

Hi NWF - Sorry to say, I've never been to Blue Ribbon. I've meant to check it out, but for some reason just never made it up there. I've heard good things though.


I think the market for Italian-Japanese could be quite limited. I love Sakura and have loved essentially everything I've ever eaten in Japan - except for the "Italian" food. I ate at a supposedly good Italian restaurant in Osaka, and the food was downright awful. I know many Japanese love that kind of thing, but the crossover appeal will be quite limited.

For Sakura's sake, I hope I'm wrong. But why can't they open up a house made tofu restaurant instead?


Chilies Thai had been there for a number of years, although it's been ages since I was there. Did you happen to notice if the Vietnamese place has opened yet?

The zip code for Pizzeria Brunos should be 9210, not 92105. When I copied the address with zip 92105 to Google Maps, it located the middle of Balboa Park. Wish I had seen your post before I was at the park yesterday, wondering where to go for lunch.


Hi Liza - I agree.....

Hi Sandy - Thanks for catching fat fingers! Lunch only Sat/Sunday at Bruno's BTW. The Vietnamese place looks almost ready, but I noticed tables and stuff stil lcovered so I think they're finihing up the painting.


Talk about fat fingers - I left out the last digit in the correct zip code!

I wonder if the bo kho is thin because they're often served over noodles.


The marinera pizza looks delicious! I like pizzas with more sauce than cheese. I love fresh basil.


Hi Sandy - The beef stew at Lucky is usually a bit thicker than this.....

Hi Ange - Bruno makes Neopolitan style pizzas, so it's a bit on the wet side. Very tasty and great when the weather warms up.


Wow I love the pizza, looks like a proper Italian pizza just as it should be not like those imitation mass produced pizzas that taste like plastic.

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