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Monday, 26 March 2012



There's two different type of NRM... the dark broth ones are Hong-Shao(紅燒), the clear broth one is Chin-Dun(清燉). I've never had the Mr. Dumpling NRM, so I can't say if it's good or not... But there are stores out there(in asia?lol) that makes only Chin-Dun NRM, and they are good!


Hi ekimc - I've had clear beef noodle soup, but only in Islamic Chinese restaurants....I don't think it was the intention here.


Hi Kirk, the one time I went to Savory Garden I was amused at a couple of 50 caliber bullets on either side of the Welcome Cat on the counter. It looks like they have since removed then.

How about getting together next week?


This post makes me depressed on the sad NRM offerings in SD. I think Chin's is probably the most decent offering in Sd, but at 8.50 that is pricey.


Hey Mr Z - I didn't notice any 50 caliber shells....I'll be sure to look out for them next time.

Hi Kirbie - It seems like we've kinda taken a step back recently. If I recall a bowl at Dai Ho is almost crossing the $10 mark.


I'm telling you Kirk... start up a NRM restaurant and the people will come. It'll be like the noodle soup version of the Field of Dreams. Plus you've got a built in set of customers right here.


LOL Jason! Sorry to say at my age, I don't want to work that hard.....


Why don't you try Liang's Kitchen on Convoy, next to Tajima. They're known for their beef and tendon noodle soup with hand cut noodles


Hi Chris - I did a post on Liang's back in January:

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