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Sunday, 11 March 2012



MrsZ says "I would go there and get the bread and the fries and have myself a chip butty!" I said "I am totally going to write that as a comment."


I can see through the beef stew broth. Not a good thing.


Hey Mr Z - I gotta get one of those! I think I'll love it....

Hi YY - Yes, pretty bad......


aw too bad about the pho and stew, I'm glad you are "picky" :)


Most people aren't to happy that I'm so picky.....but they don't know how picky the Missus is either!!!


I haven't been there yet but my sis has and she said the pho broth didn't have that much flavor and the broth wasn't piping hot the way we like it.

Could you taste the quality of the meat? I'm assuming that's what makes this place stand out b/c of the quality of their filet mignon (vs just 'rare' steak at the normal pho place).

It's so funny b/c I've visited Pho Lucky twice last week and their pho broth is sooo dark! Never seen a pho broth THAT dark but the flavor is really THAT much better.

Nice post!


He he, aww Kirk you know we love you and wouldn't have it any other way.

I thought the broth had improved over the first time I went but still wasn't stellar.

I didn't even like the fries and french fries are one of my favorite things in the world! Why call them lemongrass fries if there's barely any lemongrass.

John Thompson

Nicely written ... and nicely photographed too. The Pho certainly looked better than you describe it ...

The one time I went there with The Dude, we ordered the pho and his first comment was: tastes like beef water. I have to admit - it's quite weak in the flavor and richness department. I thought it'd be fun to get the brown rice noodles. They're quite slippery to eat and taste like instant pho. If you don't know what instant pho tastes like, don't do it! That stuff is terrible.

Also, I've finally tried Mien Trung and got Bun Bo Hue. All my friends up in SGV say it's better than the places up there! My favorite BBH place up there is Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa on Valley across the street from Yoshinoya, but Mien Trung has dethroned them!


Hi Faye - I wish the food here was better, everything else is fine.

LOL Jenne! I thought that was so funny. For me, at least the fries where fries and had salt. Not much of the other stuff though.

Thanks John. Looks can deceive. You'll quickly notice the lack of richness or depth to the broth.

Hi NWF - I like a piece of beef has been waved over some hot water. I'm glad you enjoyed Mien Trung, their Bun Bo Hue is top notch in my opinion.

Ghetto Fab Gourmet

I recently tried their bun rieu. It wasn't great. Plus they gave me basil and sprouts as if I ordered pho, instead of mint and shredded cabbage. It doesn't seem like they know much about Vietnamese food.


Hi GFG - Yeah, it seems that somethings always lacking here. The emphasis overall doesn;t seem like it is on the food.

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