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Wednesday, 07 March 2012



wow lots of burger places popping up here and there in Japan too...must be a trend of sorts.


Dusit Thai sure didn't last long. I kept making a mental note to visit, but oh well.

This end of Clairemont Mesa could use a good burger place. Your other options are fast food or Boll Weevil.


Hi Kat - Burgers are taking over the world!

Hi Sandy - You know, I actually enjoyed the burger at Spice House a couple of months ago. And I had Dusit on my list as well....but they just came and went in a flash.

Gypsy Jan

Hi Kirk,

Jonathan Gold was a restaurant critic at the L.A Times in the 80's, same time as I was there.

I don't know if this is his story, but in the 90's the Chandler family brought in some "experts" to tighten up the company so that they could make look like an attractive sales prospect. Vested employees were offered buyouts and staff and salaries were slashed.

Of course, the Chandler family had preferred Class A stock and the employees had Class B.

The Chicago Tribune Company bought the L.A. Times, the Chandler family banked their cash, and the newspaper is now a shell if what it was.

Since it was recently announced that the L.A. Times was following the New York Times' lead in charging for content, my guess is that Mr. Gold was hired back for his celebrity value and cred to drive online subscription sales.


Hi Jan - How are you. I hope all is well. If I recall Gold was with the Times from '90-'96, left for NYC sometime after that, then returned to the weekly in '01 or something like that. I'm surprised that the LAT hadn't started charging for contect earlier. After all even the lousy Star-Advertiser's been doing it for a while now.

Gypsy Jan

Hey Kirk,

I was just recapping what I remembered from my time at The Times (I was always ordered to capitalize the first "T".

I read J.G.'s columns and appreciated his good writing.

Green Turtle

Oooo... can't wait for Anny's to open at this location (did the signs say when that'll be?). The Yelp reviews for Santee seem very positive.


Hi GT - I didn't see anything with a specific date. But driving past today, I saw more signage, so perhaps there's an update. I'll let you know.

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