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Monday, 05 March 2012





I do love me a torta ahogada though I'd check this place out even if it is not perfect. did the jalapeno /corn thing come as part of the deal?


LOL Kat! It's more of an undecided.......

Hi Grey - The jalapeno comes with the dish. You can choose between steamed veggies or corn.....take the corn.


Yeah a place has to be pretty awesome for me to drive all the way to Gaslamp to eat :) Did you just park at Horton Plaza?

Not a fan of sauce being poured over a sandwich. I bet the jalapeno would have been great if it was grilled properly w/ the bacon! But the corn looked really nice.

Nice post!


Looks good but sounds disappointing.


Hi Faye - Actually Torta Ahogadas basically means drowned should be even wetter. I easly found parking on the street since it was a weekend morning.

I agree Bill!


You know what... if you had given this place a stellar review I would have tried to go there for lunch tomorrow since I'm down there for jury duty. But yeah, like Faye said a drenched sandwich doesn't really thrill me. If it's like a French dip where you control your sauce, then that works. But a pre-drenched sandwich just means goopy bread. Thanks for the review!


Hi Jason - This would be a bit of a truck from the courthouse. I think you should check a Tortas Ahogadas, but perhaps from El Gallito


Yeah you're right Kirk, that would have been quite the hike. Ended up with Panera instead. Maybe one of these days I'll try a Tortas Ahogadas, I'll keep an open mind and try it if I see it.


Hi Jason - I hope you enjoy it!

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