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Monday, 19 March 2012



Wow, that is a total heart attack on a plate! I didn't realize there was a Columbian place in South CV. Too bad the chicharon strip was flavorless though.


Hi CC - This may be the only "real" Columbian place in all of San Diego.


I thought this was hilarious: "just stay away from the Mexican food, which is on the menu because they need to make a living." I'm thinking this is true of many Vietnamese restaurants - they offer pho because that's what brings in the customers, even if their pho isn't that great.


Yay! I've been craving Colombian empanadas since I went to Chicago last fall. I'll have to check this out.


I believe you're right Sandy! ;o)

Hi Jenne - Yeah, go check them out....really nice folks!


It's Colombia, not Columbia. Be a darling and rectify the misspellings on your blog, I assure you your Colombian readers will be very grateful!


Thanks Chrissie - I usually write these in one pass so there are bound to be errors. I understand we all have pet peeves and this is probably one of yours. Though let's be clear....I'll never be a "darling" of someone who uses such a condescending tone like you. And it makes me wonder....who would want to be?

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