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Tuesday, 13 March 2012



can't wait to hear more about this!


I think the rabbits have the tail left on for the same reason why in some parts of Spain, they cook the head and leave it in the pot in stews.

to prove it wasn't cat.


Hi Kat - I try to get more done!

Hi Peter - I'm thinking it's something like that.........but don't know for sure.

ed (from Yuma)

Love the travel posts. Thanks for taking us along with you!


Here in Germany slaughtered rabbits are regularily only offered with their "head on". My Grandma explained that this was most common in World War II where often cats were sold as rabbits. She was invited to a lunch in 194??? ... and saw the fur later. Maybe that's a relict?


Thanks Ed - I'm glad you enjoy the posts.

Hi Michaela - that's interesting. Thanks for sharing!


WOW.. some of the best photos I ever seen of this very interesting


Hi Grey - I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

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