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Sunday, 19 February 2012


Brian Kim

Yeah...parking at Zion Market is no joke. Although extra parking space across the street at old location did alleviate that issue to some extent. I like to see how Zion Market will look in new location. I hope you can post them when they open.


China Inn is about 2 blocks from where Mrs. Z and I live. Mrs. Z and I keep daring each other to try that restaurant, but I haven't had the time/motivation/intestinal fortitude to do so yet! I said "Ahh it's probably pretty crappy" and Mrs. Z said "For all you know that could be the greatest Sushi/Dim Sum/Thai restaurant ever."


So happy about Zion; shop there on weekdays before noon and parking is OK; otherwise, I just won't even try. Chopsticks Inn is in the same parking lot as La Mesa Bistro and Bakery and has been in that location a very long time. The locals have kept it busy for decades. They provide an interesting perspective on Asian food and decor. Most important comment: YAY ed!!! He has made Yuma a destination.


hmmm I wouldn't chance that place....though you would be able to get a "full range" of different foods ;)


Thanks for letting us know about Zion moving, that makes me excited about a decent parking situation plus the hope of more restaurants there. Plus if they could expand their seafood and meat departments they would definitely pull me away from Ranch 99 across the street.


That new location would be awesome for Zion! The Sears in Carmel Mtn is also closing. I seriously doubt we'd be so lucky to get a market there.


Chopsticks Inn is OK. It's our go-to place when we don't feel like driving up to Convoy, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there. We've only eaten the Chinese dishes, abiding by the adage that the more types of food a place offers, the less likely any of it will be any good.

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks for the shout out, Kirk. But you know that you were the first person ever to visit Yuma just to eat at taco trucks -- and here's the mmm-yoso post to prove it:


Hi Brian - Of course I'll do a post after they move.

Hey MrZ - I love that you're calling the missus "MrsZ". Just don't start referring to yourself in the third person! ;o)

Hi Cathy - It's going to be interesting after they move. 99 Ranch Market less then two blocks away.....

Hi Kat - They do seem to serve just about everything.....

Hi Jason - Yeah, it's the beef and the produce that keep me going to Zion, so i'm looking for it to be even better. And if we can get some "real" that'll be icing on the cake.

One can always hope Carol!

Hi James - I kind of agree with that saying as well.

A big congrats Ed! The joys of taco trucks are sorely underappreciated.


Thanks for the heads up on Zion! I really love that market but it's truly atrocious trying to find parking (at any given time in my opinion). It would be amazing if they moved to that Sears location.

Do you ever go to First Korean Market? I haven't been there in years but tried to park in their lot the other day and that sucked pretty bad.


hallelu~ no more waiting in that awful trail of cars on mercury.

and chopsticks inn scares me. never been but its been there forever. its la mesa tho, so i just assume the elderly either 1) dont know better or 2) cant commute some place else.


Hi Faye - I used to go to First Korean once in a while before Marukai opened, because the owners used to stock some stuff from Hawaii. You have to go early before Jasmine and Dumpling Inn open.

Hi Y - LOL!

Hannah J

DUDE! I love Chopsticks Inn! They have 4 different menus they hand you... LOL. I got the eggplant and shrimp in black bean sauce with all the appetizer fixins... SO YUM. They have some so-so lookin dim sum and sushi... odd. Great service that brings back the locals for years and years! Everyone knows each other!

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