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Wednesday, 08 February 2012



fun finds :) even in Japan you'll see bento with potato salad in it and they call it healthy.


That's funny Kat! I guess it is relative.....


Maybe VBP will serve pho in a bread bowl like clam chowder! JK.. sounds like mess! If they serve banh mi hope they turn out better than the Cali Baguette down the street.


Hahaha, last week we saw the new Moby Dick's also and wondered if it was the same owner of that strip club "branching out". In the words of my wife "I don't think I'd want to eat there knowing what used to be there."


too funny. My mind is flooding w bad puns regarding closed strip club, Moby Dick,and fish market w sushi. Hoping the Pho shop will be good to add to rotation


haha, dennis sent me the photo of the moby dick place and that it used to be a strip club! hmmmm...interesting transformation there.


Hi Dennis - Actually, I like Cali Express...when the bread is fresh, you don't adulterate it by toasting it. The reason they toast the bread is because it isn't fresh. They do put a bit too much mayo, but I usually don't get that on my Banh Mi anyway.

Yeah that you mention it...maybe not.

Hi MikeW - It's almost too easy a target....I mean the punchlines are endless.

Hi CC - Like I mentioned's almost too easy....much too easy for my sophomoric mind!


Hi Kirk, I enjoy the banh mi at Cali Baguette off El Cajon Blvd. Just not as much the one off convoy...


Hi Dennis - I'm wondering if the son is running the store most of the time now. The bang mi has been good when I've gone, but the dad's usually there.

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