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Tuesday, 21 February 2012



sounds like you found a decent place, everything looks great.


Those wavy booths and the wavy ceiling (and the television) are left over from when that place was an Anthony's Fishette. The fresh made aguas frescas are made from scratch. The other day we were given small samples of jamaica, lemonade and the tamarind and they were not overly sweet or artificial. I'm really liking the food here. It is fresh well made really good Mexican food. The cafe de olla was a nice dessert for us.


I just noticed this place last week; it was a taco shop (Cotijas? Cotixan?) between Los Pueblos & Anthony's fishette. It will be interesting to try some new dishes there.


Oh I wish i could see what the pork adobado looks like w/ the mole! Do they also have al pastor there? I'm still looking for the best al pastor in SD. Actually what's the difference b/c adobado and al pastor (have I asked you this before?). Great post - will have to check the place out!


Hi Kat - The food is a great change of pace and it's a really ncie choice for the area.

Hi Cathy - Like the freshness as well.

Hi Sandy - This place is definitely worth a try.

Hi Faye - The typical difference, at least for me is that Al Pastor is served off the "trompo" or verticle spit. The typical taco shop adobaba is either grilled or cooked on the griddle. This adobado is roasted, seems like pork shoulder, though it was pretty lean. My favorite Al Pastor was from Mercado 2000 in Chula Vista, though they've recently renovated, so I'm not quite sure about it. I guess it depends how far you'll go for your Al know me, I'm willing to drive a bit for it.


I gotta ask, what was in the potato tacos? Just potato (fried/boiled)-- no chorizo? As for black beans, I never knew they existed until I was an adult, all the beans I ate as a child were pintos refried in lard or bacon grease.


Cathy has a good eye for details! I didn't realize it was the same building as Anthony's Fishette, but I definitely see it now. I like how they are generous with the avocados in your dishes. Too bad the rolled tacos didn't turn out right. Rolled tacos seem to be a standard that Mexican shops do well.


Hi AZ - It was pretty much a vegetarian thing, no meat. Seasoned mashed potatoes.

Hi Alyssa - This really isn't your usual taco shop. I'd suggeat going with something more interesting here; like the pibil or adobado.

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