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Thursday, 23 February 2012



Wow, what a great tour of Lana'i! That propeller plane gives me heart palpitations just by looking at it. The Mister has been clamoring about going to Lana'i on our next trip. I think that loco moco sealed the deal for me! :0)


never eaten there but heard their food was good!


What a nice place to grow up. Thank you for sharing. Now I'm hungry...


Hi Carol - Actually, it was a very smooth flight....nice folks too!

Hi Kat - It's decent, looks like good breakfast stuff.

Hi Cathy - Yeah, growing up there is very different.


Isn't the story of the pine trees related to the plantation days. That by planting the tall trees they hoped to get more rain from the passing clouds.


Hi Stefan - Yes it is. Apparently George Munro noticed the condensation dripping off the trees, so he went about getting them planted to add to the water table on the island.


those pine trees are beautiful. what a wonderful but odd addition to the tropical landscape of the rest of the island. perhaps if matthew and I ever go back to hawaii we'll have to take a trip to Lana'i


Hi Lynnea - Like each of the islands, Lana'i is unique. It's a wonderful little picture of old small town Hawaii.


My sales rep friends told me stories of visiting lana'i back in the '80s--they'd go for a day, get lunch from the general store, and all the reps would hang out under the same tree at the end of one street. they'd all fly home at the end of the day because there wasn't really any place for them to stay/no reason for a second day of business. i always wanted to go, but never did. sounds like it has changed a bit from those days!


Hi Santos - At that time, the only place to stay was the Lodge....which is now the Hotel Lana'i. If I recall correctly, you had to share a bathroom and everything back then. Things really have changed on Lana'i, but there's still a timelessness about the place. Funny thing, Pine Isles Market used to crack me up because the place would close from 11am to 1pm for lunch. I was delighted to find that they still do!


sounds like my kind of place!


Hey Santos - I hope you get to visit there!

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