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Saturday, 18 February 2012



The boiled fish at Spicy House I think is very good.
It has a lot more depth of flavor than it did at Dede's.

The former owner of Dede's is now at A Cafe.

Not sure where the chef went.


From what I recall he went to Spicy House....a couple of the chefs at Spicy City and Dede's used to work at Ba Ren as well.


Spicy House is uneven--sometimes it's awesome, but other times kind of blah.

I do really like the cold noodles at Spicy City though!


Every time I have had the boiled fish at Spicy House it was very good. Maybe I got lucky.

However the takeout at Spicy City was without a doubt the worst boiled fish I have ever had.


I was so sad when I saw your tweet. I've always thought of Ba Ren as one of the few food places I'd miss if I left SD. I need to get in there this week and get my fill.


Hi Jenne - Yeah, they've been a bit on and off. I did try the Sichuan Liang Mian and it seemed to have a lot of vinegar.

Hi Kirbie - I hope you have a chance to visit them before the chef leaves.


We went last night and pretty much ordered all our favorite dishes, including dan dan noodles AND the cold szechuan ones. Plus, we discovered the fried scallops with hot peppers, so now we're going to have to go back for one more round of those. I'm so sad they're closing!

So... what I'm hearing is that Spicy House should be our next visit? And then maybe a sample of Spicy City?


Wow. I'm shocked. I'm gonna have to make sure to get up there, soon


Hi Leanne - You may not have to go all the way to Spicy City. I heard that the chef from there is taking over this place.

Hi Stephen - Better make it pretty soon, it's already the 22nd.


Drat. We've only been able to go once by getting a baby sitter. I think we'll just have to tell our son that "his cousin would eat this". That always seems to work. ;)


That's a great strategy Jan!


Ok I went to spicy city today for some boiled fish and it was terrible and the service even worse.

Spicy House to me is the place to go for your boiled fish fix.

Never again for Spicy City.

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