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Saturday, 18 February 2012



Wow this is a shocker! A big loss to San Diego...


Definitely a loss-- albeit the service bordered on surly last time we were there. Where will we get our xxxx, indeed?

So sad! Take advantage of what we have, before it is gone.


Hi Dennis - I was really surprised on this one.

Hi SK - Yeah, since Wendy left, things just haven't been the same.

Hi Neal - We got about eleven days to get our shots in....


how sad :( get your fill of xxx!


What a bummer to hear that! I've had several memorable meals there thanks to you!

Pam from Santee

Noooo! I was counting on going to Ba Ren again the next time I go back home to California! I'm so glad I heard about it through your blog, Kirk. Thanks to you, my brother and sister-in-law and I shared a wonderful meal.


Very sad to hear this. One of my favorite places when I was in SD and even had my graduation dinner here. Wish them the best in whatever they decide.


Crushing blow! Our favorite restaurant in San DIego, bar none. Do we have all the way to the 29th? Or will they close the weekend before?




NOOOOOOOOO! We went there some years ago on your recommendation and have become regulars. So sad!


Hi Kat - I intend to.....

Hi CC - It does seem like an era is coming to an end.

Hi Pam - I'm glad you were able to check out Ba Ren. I'm hoping you can ifnd some other places for your next tirp.

Hi Sawyer - I know, what a bummer......

Hi Eric - I think so...they did tell me until the end of the month.

HiJeByrnes - Unfortunately, yes.....

Hi Miriam - I hope you'll be able to visit them once more before they close.


Noooo! Where will I get my twice-cooked fish?! And beef with pickled greens?!


This is really sad news. I hope that they return eventually.

I wonder there's any way we can get the chef to tell us how to make the crack, er, I mean the spicy cold Szechuan noodles.



Awwwww. Damn, got to stop by quick!


Well, I hope that the next owner treats his customers better than they did at Ba Ren. The service and sometimes the nasty attitude turned me off completely that I hadn't eaten there in about 3 years.

The food was good though.

Now I go to Spicy House to get my sichuan on. Spicy City gave me a really horrible Boiled Fish when I took it to go on day, possibly the worst rendition I have ever eaten so I don't go there either.

We actually need a new sheriff in town for sichuan food.


Nooo no no no! I'm off at grad school on the east coast and will be coming back to SD the middle of the night on Feb 29th!

No! Maybe "end of the month" is just a loose term and they actually mean early March... One can wish. Sigh. Any recommendations for a comparable Sichuan alternative?


KZ give Spicy House a try on Convoy.

ed (from Yuma)

Sad. But I was not aware that Wendy wasn't there any more because I've had less free time in San Diego the last couple of years. I hope she is doing OK. When she was there the service was good, and the food was often amazing.


Hi Jenne - I know. those were two of my favorite dishes there as well.

Hi Liz - Yeah, those noodles were quite additcive.

Hi Carol - I hope you get a chance to stop by soon.

Hi Jeff - You know....I've had indifferent service, but nothing I'd put into a category that would be as personal as "nasty" at Ba Ren. I've actually had "nasty" service at Spicy City. From what I recall, the chef at Spicy House is the old chef form Dedes.

Hi KZ - In spite of what Jeff wrote, nothing quite as good, though I haven't been to Spicy City in a while and the last time I went to Dedes the food was really salty, the fried items I had at Spicy House weren'y cooked at the right temp so they were greasy. I'm thinking on any given day, you might get a decent meal at one of those places. Many of the Chinese like Spicy City, but it's mostly because of the prices and portions.

Hi Ed - She left about half a year or more ago. I'm trying to track her down, so will keep you in the loop.

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