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Thursday, 05 January 2012



I noticed they serve mangoneada. Wonder how those taste in comparison to a chamango. The pico de gallo salad looks so good! Never seen one like that before.


Good eyes, Carol. The description of the mangoneada was mango with orange juice and chamoy. Plus, there is a sort of 'lollipop' of chamoy on a stick that goes into the beverage, along with a straw. I will try one a comparison, you know. I've been trying to mimic this pico de gallo at home the last few days, not using watermelon makes a difference, but it is still really good. I've found a new spice condiment with the lemon/red pepper/salt I used to ignore in the Mexican markets...

ed (from Yuma)

You always find interesting places. That all looks so good. And what a contrast between the torta and the pico de gallo salad.


Thanks, ed; we tend to drive and stop at places that look interesting...or open. I was wondering if anyone might notice the 'health' difference in our menu choices. Each was excellent individually and together, with the sharing of the sandwich, made for a more or less balanced meal.


I eagerly await your comparison assessment between the two!

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