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Tuesday, 03 January 2012



that carpaccio looks bad! and that tempura reminds me of the one we had in Kaga :(


Hi Kirk, I'm guessing the carpaccio at Okan was a special? I always gave kudos for the fact that they at least experiment a lot. Though as you experienced they're not all wins.
Yeah, I noticed Kayaba doing that a lot. Making fried items ahead of time, especially during the lunch rush. I had better luck in the slow evenings, but sometimes go as far as specifying that I wanted a freshly fried katsu on my curry. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, haha. Take care


Hi Kat - It was pretty bad....

Hi Dennis - It was on their "Limited Time Early Bird Menu" for about three fact I saw it on there the last time I went. I notice that most times they don't do very well when they start getting a bit too off the path, the carpaccio wasn't the only thing. Paying for being the subject of an "experiment" ain't high on my list either. They need to have better,honest, taste testers. We actually were just about the only folks eating at the Mitsuwa food court on that early it was pretty pathetic. You don't gotta do that on a slow night......


Hmm, yes that's not good.


You know what, I've never had good luck with Kayaba. It's to the point where I look at Santouka next door, do a quick comparison of the potential meals I'd get at both, and then head to the left to the Santouka line. Which is weird, since whenever I'm there about half the folks are eating Kayaba food, so apparently they do food well enough for a lot of folks. Maybe there's a secret word I need to mention to get the "good" food there.


I had the Okan salmon carpaccio awhile back and didn't like it either. The only thing I really ever enjoyed there was their gobo salad (thanks to your post all that time ago!). I haven't been back there in ages - is their gobo salad still the same?


Getting tongue lashing from the Wife never goes down easily... Been there done that.


Hi Jason - The only thing I've had that was worth it was the Tonkatsu, though the Katsu Curry was ok...... So I dunno.....

Hi Faye - First off, Happy New Year! There are many dishes that really mean something to me there...many of the nimono type dishes and I thought those gizzards were quite good. The gobo salad was still the same the last time I had, though I make it at home most times nowadays.

You don't want to have that happen too often Billy! Happy New Year, man!

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