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Wednesday, 11 January 2012



love all that you see on your adventures!

ed (from Yuma)

Great post. Love the travel stuff. Though you have become jaded -- "Nothing particularly memorable," but I sit and drool over all the dishes, not just the saliva chicken. But seriously, thanks for sharing!!


Thanks Kat!

I don't think I'm jaded at all Ed. I've had better Sichuan in the it wasn't particularly memorable at all.


i like it when you clean out the memory card! i love seeing your travel photos and hearing your stories...interesting about how tomatoes and potatoes are treated in China...


Hi CC - I wish I knew about how the Chinese treated potatoes when I was a kid! I coulda really used the vegetable excuse with my mother.


I could just imagine the police yelling at the guy chopping mutton! That would never happen here in the US!


I'm trying to think if i've had saliva chicken in the past ? Do they call it saliva chicken b/c of the consistency of the meat/sauce? I'm just trying to remember if my parents ever had me try this dish as a kid.


Hi Alyssa - It was quite amusing.....

Hi Faye - If you've had "spicy cold chicken" at Chungking in the SGV or at Spicy City or Ba Ren here in San've had it.


Actually, I'd understand why the policemen would think twice about approaching someone with a cleaver! Especially one who looks like he knows how to handle it well.


LOL Hungry! Then why even make a scnen in the first place?

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